Important Reminder

A recent incident has prompted this notice whereby a verbal altercation took place on the course and continued in the clubhouse.

A group of players in carts felt the group of walkers in front of them were too slow and had lost a number of fairways.

The walking group, were in fact completely within their rights and were not slow, they had recorded their time turning after nine holes and were playing within a reasonably time.

An altercation such as this is totally unacceptable. Drivers of carts will always play faster than players walking and have no right to chastise others.

This is a timely reminder for all cart users to read and familiarise themselves again with the cart rules ratified by the general committee on 15th November 2017.

Rule 1 –  All golf carts are to be driven with due care and responsibility for other players on the course.

For all cart owners and drivers.

 There are an increasing number of carts being driven off the fairways and onto the first cut (longer grass on the edges of the fairways) also carts being driven on to the sand areas.

PLEASE KEEP CARTS ON MOWN FAIRWAYS as per rule 2 in the cart conditions of use

The fairways can cope with carts whilst the first cut cannot.  

I have attached the Golf Cart conditions of use for your attention.

Golf-Cart-Policy-2016 Ratified


Jim Sumpter

Club Captain