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“The new holes at Sun City are far superior to what had become of the original holes. The new par-3s are excellent, while the 13th is classic and memorable short par-4.”

Joe Thomas

Golf Australia Ranking Judge

“I played at Sun City a few years ago and left thinking it was too hard for me simply because I couldn’t reach the corners of the doglegs, which are just about on every par-4 and par-5. But the new holes are more open and allows a player with my limited length an opportunity to score.”

Jaqui Lee

Golf Australia Ranking Judge

“I remember playing Sun City nine or ten years ago and, while I was impressed with some holes, the most memorable aspect of the round was walking among dozens of kangaroos on most holes. The changes that have been made to Sun City recently have lifted a great courses out of the ground. The emphasis on strategy and making the course playable for all golfers is clearly evident. I am keen to get back to Sun City once all the remaining new holes are finished to see how they blend in to the scheme of things. I suspect it will be seamless and Sun City’s elevation to a higher ranking spot will be complete.”

Brendan James

Golf Australia Journalist

Sun City Country Club

Australia’s Top 100 Courses (Golf Australia Magazine)

Again, one of the big improvers in this ranking in the wake of the OCCM (Ogilvy, Clayton, Cocking & Mead) redesign that has transformed the course during the past four years. There are still some holes left to be changed but at this point in time, Sun City has never been better.

Australia’s Top 100 Courses (Golf Australia magazine)

Sun City Country Club

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Yeah, I'll see that. Thanks, mate.
This kangaroo is either VERY brave, or VERY silly to trust my short game! 😅😬

PS. He did rake the bunker once he finished laying around 🦘
Are you trying to drive the green or puting it to a number? The 2nd hole will make you really think about what your goal is. 
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At least the 6th doesn't fight back... 😵