Dress & Etiquette

Dress Requirements and Etiquette


Dress standards on the course and in the clubhouse apply to all members, caddies and visitors, and they are asked to observe the Club’s Dress Requirements, which should be regarded as the minimum standards.

  • All members, caddies and visitors are urged to dress in good taste at all times and so maintain the dignity of the game of golf and Club standards.
  • Children accompanying Members during social or competition play are subject to the Club dress regulations, rules and conditions.
  • To alleviate any embarrassment to themselves, their guests or other members, individuals are required to observe the following requirements.





Golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles should be worn on the course. Clothing must be neat and tidy and be appropriate for golf:


– Golf shirts usually have a collar. Polo or roll necks are acceptable. However, T-shirts, singlets, tops with slogans are unacceptable.

– Trousers and shorts are usually tailored and preferably worn with a belt when provided with belt loops.

– Socks are usually white with or without a trim

Note: The Professional Shop team does have the discretion to advise/assist a potential player (green fee or new member) on the dress code and golf etiquette.



Neat and tidy attire must be worn at all times. Golf gear, excluding hats and visors, may be worn before 7pm. It is advisable to have a spare pair of shoes to preserve the Clubroom carpeted areas. However, Golf shoes are permitted in the Sprig bar, outside smoking area, and on the verandah


After 7 pm, preferable wear would include tailored trousers, or tailored shorts of suitable length with a belt. Dress Jeans may be worn at informal social occasions. Shirts should have a collar and be neatly tucked into waistbands. However, shirts designed to be un-tucked are allowed in the clubhouse.  Shoes and socks should be worn on all occasions.




Expectations are that women are suitably attired for golf. Acceptable clothing is a skirt, tailored long or mid-calf pants or shorts. Skirts and shorts should not be shorter than mid-thigh length. Shirts must have a collar or be turtle, crew or roll necked. Fitted shirts (mid-hip) may be worn outside of shorts and skirts. All players must wear non-metal spiked golf shoes. Headwear is recommended.


Golf attire is permitted in the Clubhouse prior to and following golf.  Ideally, a change of shoes is preferable to preserve the carpet in the Clubhouse, Lounge and Dining Room. However, golf shoes are permitted in the Sprig Bar and on the verandah. Ladies are expected to dress according to the occasion specified.


Communication in the Club House

Offensive Language

Whilst fully acknowledging that adult banter contributes to creating a healthy atmosphere amongst members, rules are made to safeguard others who shouldn’t have to hear language that they wouldn’t personally use. Besides making people feel uncomfortable, it can be viewed as intimidating and aggressive, which could discourage usage of the bar/lounge/verandah areas by many members and visitors. Therefore, the use of foul or abusive language has no place in the clubhouse, verandah and clubhouse surrounds. Any member heard using unacceptable or offensive language would be asked to either stop or leave the premises. Where someone is observed consistently using bad language after being warned, then his/her continued membership will be reviewed accordingly.



Mobile Phones

It is expected that mobile phones will be switched to silent mode both on the course and in the clubhouse.  In the Clubhouse, it is considered impolite to conduct continuous interaction on mobile phones. With regard to urgent calls, the rights and comfort of fellow members should be respected.



Reference: Sun City Country Club (Inc.) Constitution 2014 Section 28.1-28.10 

Role of the Misconduct Panel


All instances of incorrect dress, inappropriate behaviour and/or bad language should be recorded on an incident sheet and referred to any club official at the time. Initial Procedure:


  1. Incorrect dress. All members have a responsibility to advise a member or visitor concerning inappropriate dress.


  1. Bad Language.  Should be dealt with promptly and asked to desist either by the offended person or a club official.


  1. For more serious misbehaviour, the complaint should be put in writing for the Misconduct Panel to address. Incident Report Forms are available at the Golf Centre and at the Bar.


Dress and Etiquette,

House Sub-Committee

Lesley Newhouse-Maiden,

10th March 2015.

Amended: 17th May 2017.