Dress Code

Golf Course Dress Code

Acceptable golf course and practice facility dress standards


  • Collared or Mock Collared shirt TUCKED in at all times
  • Tailored shorts or pants (must be of a style designed to be worn with a belt and have a zipper).
  • Specific golf shoes with soft spikes, joggers or sports shoes only



  • Golf dresses, polo or collared sleeveless shirts allowed
  • Shorts, skorts, skirts & trousers acceptable


Members and visitors MAY NOT at any time wear:

  • Cargo shorts / trousers, denim, tracksuits, board shorts, shorts or trousers with draw string waist, sports shorts or other casual wear not designed for golf
  • Gym attire
  • High visibility workwear
  • Hooded jumpers
  • Football / rugby or other sporting jumpers/ jerseys


Clubhouse Dress Code

Acceptable clubhouse dress standard

  • We ask that members and visitors dress in neat, smart casual attire
  • Plain, neat dress denim is permitted
  • Golf attire and soft spiked shoes are acceptable


Members and their guests MAY NOT at any time wear:

  • Thongs or slides
  • Tracksuits
  • Hats of any description (unless for medical reasons)
  • Singlets
  • Gym attire
  • Ugg boots
  • Bare feet
  • High visibility work wear
  • Faded, torn or dilapidated clothing.


The Management and/ or Committee will advise you if your dress is unacceptable, and reserve the right to alter dress requirements as necessary.

We appreciate your courteous notice of these regulations.