Dress Code

Dress Code

Members, their guests and visitors are expected to maintain a standard of dress that is in keeping with the status and standing of a private golf club.

The Course and Clubhouse dress regulations are clearly signposted at the entrance to the Clubhouse and apply for both Ladies and Gentlemen, the driving range is exempt from the below dress requirements. Our friendly Pro Shop staff will provide guidance if you are unsure. :

  1. Neat attire is expected at all times (Tailored Shorts or Pants that MUST have Belt Loops)
  2. Collared Shirt
  3. No Denim on the course
  4. When on the course recognised golf attire and closed in footwear (without heels) must be worn at all times.
  5. No Swimwear
  6. No Board Shorts
  7. No Sports Shorts
  8. No High Visibility Workwear
  9. No Golf Shoes in the Clubhouse

The Management and Committee will advise you if your dress is unacceptable, and reserve the right to alter dress requirements as necessary.

We appreciate your courteous notice of these regulations.