EGM Update

At the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 9th January the current financial situation of the Club was presented to the members. It was explained that although we have achieved recent success in cutting costs and raising revenue in a number of areas it will prove very difficult in the future for the Club to expand its services based on the current and projected revenue stream..

A majority of members attending the meeting voted in favour of the following motion.

The members authorise the Officers of the Club and the General Committee to enter into negotiations with any interested parties that may wish to present a proposal that could:

  1. Clear the Club of debt
  2. Protect the ongoing playing status of the Membership
  3. Provide financial support for the ongoing improvement of the course, clubhouse and associated facilities.


The General Committee is committed to reporting back to members on a regular basis to advise on the progress of negotiations. No agreement will be entered into by the Office Bearers without a formal proposal being presented to, and accepted by, the members.



Sun City Country Club