Sun City Junior Membership Program

Sun City golf membership is available to all junior golfers from the age of 6 to 17, providing participants with a pathway to obtaining a handicap whilst enjoying course access rights that are reflective of the development stage of each junior. For juniors wishing to progress from practice facilities to play on the course and in competitions (including junior competitions), the process is as follows;

  1. Complete an Application Form and return this to our Club Professional
  2. Undergo an assessment with the Club Professional, to confirm ready to proceed to competition play (if not, additional development can be arranged, again through our Club Professional).
  3. Application processed through administration
  4. Handicap arranged via Club Professional / Golf Manager and advised to junior.
  5. Participate in the junior competitions. 

The cost of a junior Membership is age dependant, with the categories ranging from;

  • Sub Junior           6 – 12 years
  • Junior                  13 – 17 years

Being a Member of Sun City entitles you to;

  • An official Golf Australia handicap, for use on any course in Australia
  • Member discounts and special rates for approved guests.
  • On line access to tee times and competitions.
  • Course access rights outside of competition times on all days except Saturday, unless with the permission of the Club Captain or Starter
  • Eligible to play in junior competitions
  • For those juniors and sub juniors with a handicap of 27 or less, eligible to play in club competitions (Note: juniors and sub juniors with handicaps of 28 or more may also participate subject to being cleared to play by the Club Professional).

Junior Competition

SCCC will run a competition specifically for juniors and sub juniors on Sundays, subject to demand. Two timeslots have been set aside for this purpose (late morning and mid afternoon), with some restrictions based on course availability. An 18 hole competition will be played in the morning, and 9 hole competition set for the afternoon. Participants must have a Golf Australia handicap (i.e. are junior or sub junior members), and any non-members (i.e. those learning golf but not yet joined) wishing to participate must be cleared to play by the Club Professional before they are eligible to participate.

The Jim Danas Golf Academy provides lessons for those interested in learning golf. For details of the Jim Danas Golf Academy, click here