The following information has been extracted from the Match Committee Administration Manual, and is intended to provide guidelines on the management of sponsorship so that it is consistent across all competitions and fairly applied for all Members, Actual procedures may vary from time to time due to other priorities or external influences.


1.  Sponsor Attraction

The Club is keen to hear from Members interested in sponsoring a competition either directly as an individual or through a related a business. Please contact the Events Coordinator Jessica Tedesco, to discuss details of the sponsorship that you may be interested in.

2.  Member Sponsored Competitions

(a)  When a Weekly Competition is sponsored by a Member, the competition Sponsor has the right to stipulate if the winner has to be present in order to receive the sponsor’s trophy. Such a request must be endorsed by the Competition Captain prior to the first group teeing off. The Competition Captain, once a request is approved, is responsible for alerting the Starter and collectively they will make all reasonable efforts to inform the members before they commence their game.

(b)  Competition Sponsors may not exclude any member from participating in their sponsored competition, subject to the guidelines of member eligibility in Competitions.

(c)  Competition Sponsors may sponsor a competition that requires a qualifying criterion to be met in order for members to compete for the donated trophy, as long as all members have been given reasonable notice as to the qualifying criteria they have been expected to have met. All events of this nature have to be approved by the Golf Manager on behalf of Match Committee.

(d)  It is a matter of etiquette that a Sponsor is not eligible to win their donated prize, and it is up to the discretion of the Competition Captain to determine an alternate prize for the Sponsor should the Sponsor be successful on their trophy day.

(e)  Guests and Visitors are excluded from winning Member sponsored Weekly Competitions, as this sponsorship is provided by the Members for the Members. In the event of a Guest or Visitor winning a member sponsored Weekly Competition, the Guest or Visitor is eligible for equivalent voucher compliments of SCCC. This additional prize given out replaces the highest value Club prize that would normally be paid as part of the run down. .

(f)   A sponsor of a Weekly Competition is to receive complimentary entry into the competition for which they are sponsoring.

3. Club Sponsored Competitions

(a)  By default, all Competitions without a designated Sponsor, or where the designated Sponsor is unable to make good their sponsorship pledge, are sponsored by the Club.

(b)  All competitions sponsored by the Club can be won by any participating Member, having paid the appropriate entry fee as determined by the Match Committee.

(c)  Guests and or Visitors are eligible to win Club sponsored Weekly Competitions, on all days other than on Saturdays, or as otherwise stipulated by the Match Committee. On Saturday, rule 5.1.2(e) applies. For other Club Sponsored Weekly Competitions, not being held on a Saturday, then the Guest or Visitor is eligible to win the first prize, being a voucher to use further SCCC services.

4.  Competition Winners – All

(a)  There is no ruling that stipulates that competition winners must be present at presentations in order to receive their designated prize.

(b)  It is a matter of etiquette only, that a potential winner, if unable to stay for presentations, either nominates a representative to deputize for them, or apologizes to the Competition Captain.

(c)  Apologies to the Competition Captain can be made personally or via the Apologies Book located in the foyer outside the main office.

(d)  Should a Guest or Visitor be the competition winner, then ruling 5.1.2(e) and / or ruling 5.1.3 (c) applies.