To be held in the Clubhouse – 144 St Andrews Drive, Yanchep 6035

on Sunday, 28th October 2018 at 11:30 am


Members are advised that in accordance with the Club’s Constitution the following TIMETABLE has been issued by the General Committee for the forthcoming  2018 Annual General Meeting.

The following MUST be submitted to the Office by no later than

5:00pm on Monday 17th September, 2018.


  1. Nominations* for the following positions on the General Committee – these positions will become vacant at the Annual General Meeting:- 
    • President   –  Brian McNarey will be re-nominating  
    • Vice President  – Tom Reeves will be re-nominating
    • Captain Terry Taylor will be re-nominating
    • Vice Captain Ian Sceats will be re-nominating 
    • Treasurer
    • General Committee [4 positions] James Peskett  will be re-nominating

                                                                   Bruce Jones will be re-nominating

                                                                   Frank Seaton will be re-nominating 

                                                                   Brian Brennan will be re-nominating 


*  Nomination Forms are available from the Office or click here – SCCC Nomination Form 2018 AGM

  1. Notices of Motion – forms available from the Office or click here – Notice of Motion 2018 AGM


  3. Notices of Item(s) for Discussion – forms available from the Office or click here – Notice of Item for Discussion 2018 AGM



  1. Items for discussion and proposed Motions must be submitted in writing setting out the terms of the intended Item or Motion. No Motion or Item for discussion will be taken without written notice.
  2. Notices of Motion must also state whether the Motion is to be put as a Special Resolution or an Ordinary Resolution. A Special Resolution requires a 75% majority and operates as a direction to the General Committee whereas an Ordinary Resolution requires a 50% majority and operates as a recommendation to the General Committee.


The Notice of Meeting (incorporating the Meeting Agenda) will be issued and available to Members on or before  Friday,  12th October 2018.


Jim Danas,