Previously the Holden Scramble, this years Volkswagen Scramble will take place at Sun City on Sunday, 10th February.


The Volkswagen Scramble is a four-person, elimination format Ambrose –  All players must have a official Golf Australia Handicap and is open to male and female participants.

  • All team members tee off each hole
  • Team chooses the shot they are going to use
  • The golfer whose shot is taken is eliminated from participating in the next shot
  • A player is only eliminated for the one shot following his/her selected shot
  • This process continues up until the ball is on the putting green, and then all four players have the opportunity to sink the putt.
  • All four players tee off the next hole and the elimination process begins again, until ball is placed on the putting green
  • Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least three (3) times per round
  • The eliminated player cannot take a practice shot during the time they are eliminated

To book your team please follow the link below;