We would like to wish Callum Morrell all the best in his new and exciting venture when he leaves on Monday 15th July.  

Callum has been a popular figure at the club not only for his golf and height,  but also for his pleasant and friendly nature.

Callum started at Sun City as a junior and was part of the Sun City CC junior and men’s  pennant teams. He lead the team to two Junior Pennant flags where he started to show a passion for the game and the club. Callum should be very proud of his achievements in such a short period of time and at such a young age.

We have recently had the pleasure of Callum working in the pro shop. He has been great addition to the team and has developed a close relationship with all the staff.

Callum will be greatly missed by all and we wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him back at the club in the future.